Cahier 1

Cahier 1

Cahier 1 is a self-published project by addenda architects – the first of a series that will appear at irregular intervals and in varying formats – in order to document and comment upon the Bauhaus Dessau Museum construction process until its completion, scheduled for 2019.

Cahier 1 - Dessau, BMD-Site, January 2017 (pos.) © Joachim Brohm

Cahier 1 - Dessau, BMD-Site, January 2017 (neg.) © Joachim Brohm

Cahier 1, Site Plan, 2017

Cahier 1, First Floor, 2017

Cahier 1 - Credits

addenda architects with Joachim Brohm
& Valentina Seidel, Moritz Küng and
ODD – Oficina de disseny
Cahier 1, 2017
4 pages, 297 x 210 mm, with 2 posters,
each measuring 594 mm x 420 mm

With the support of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
and Institut Ramon Llull

Bauhaus Museum Dessau (2015-in progress)

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

The new Bauhaus Museum Dessau links an iconographic heritage (“Less is More”) with a manifesto of contemporary culture (“The Age of Less”).

The Collection will be presented in a bridge structure, a closed body hovering over a permeable public space for temporary exhibitions, events and workshops.

The museum is an instrument and a catalyst for expressing activity and productivity, creativity and social interaction that altogether corresponds with the idea of the Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

addenda architects

addenda architects is a collaborative practice of individuals with shared values and design approaches.
Our aim is to design buildings in a straightforward manner to make room for today’s social and cultural conditions.
We conceive architecture as an addition that enhances the built environment of a specific place.


addenda architects
Roberto Gonzalez, Anne Hinz, Cecilia Rodriguez,
Arnau Sastre, Jose Zabala

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